How to maintain implant teeth?

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            After dental implant surgery, it's the same as natural teeth. It needs regular inspection and care. It's similar to that when we bought a car and went to the 4S shop for regular maintenance. Because dental implant can brush teeth every day, but you don't have anything to do extra. When some problems happen, you actually check that it's very serious, so we ask the patients to determine Periodically go to your dentist for regular reexamination. Generally, we need to pay attention to the problem of occlusion within the first three months since we first brought the teeth. After three months, there is no problem of occlusion. Half a year, we need to ask the patient to reexamine the problem of alveolar bone stability around the teeth and calculus around the teeth, or some factors that can cause tooth instability Some factors are excluded, so after the completion of dental implant degree, regular reexamination should be carried out according to the doctor's instructions. In fact, if there is no problem with the implant, the reexamination items are relatively small. We only need to clean some dental stones or plaque around the implant, in fact, we don't need to do too much intervention.

       The attachment covers the implant teeth. It ingeniously combines the attachment denture with the implant teeth, and at the same time, it can fix the loose teeth, and retain the residual roots to a greater extent, so as to realize no or less extraction. With the intervention of attachment technology, the number of implant roots is reduced, and the pain of tooth extraction is avoided. At the same time, the loose pressure design reduces the load of teeth, prolongs the service life of teeth, and provides long-term care for abutment teeth, which is very suitable for the elderly with complex and poor oral conditions.

附着体覆盖种植牙,它巧妙地将附着体义齿与种植牙结合起来,在种牙的同时对松动牙再固定,并更大限度保留残牙根,实现不拔牙或少拔牙。 附着体技术的介入,减少了种植牙根的数量,免除了老人拔牙痛苦;同时,散压式设计减轻了牙齿负重,延长了牙齿使用寿命,长效保答护基牙,非常适合口腔状况复杂糟糕的高龄老人。

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